Our Insight
Companies that look to niche service providers like Praxis for solutions in a broader strategic context understand that, with proper financial analyses, governance, and methodologies, they gain greater business value and competitive advantages. We have been helping our business partners gain a competitive edge through subrogation for two decades.
Years of industry insight, a methodical approach, savvy use of technology, and a knowledgeable team of dedicated professionals have enabled our success. The capacities described above have advanced positive and ongoing relationships with eight out of ten of the nation’s largest Property and Casualty writers and nearly 100 super regionals and non-standard companies. Praxis is committed to a professional representation of every client we serve. Our services are crafted to fit individual needs and offered as a Closed File Review, Business Process Outsource, or a combination of both. Please visit our Solutions tab to further explore the unmatched service we are pleased to offer.
Our Approach
Praxis partners with insurance companies to increase their bottom line through subrogation and recovery. We are able to consistently create additional revenue streams, decrease fixed overhead, and exceed the in-house recovery efforts of insurance carriers because of:
  • Faster, more affordable large scale closed file reviews
  • Open business practices and trustworthiness with confidential files and proprietary information
  • Proven and efficient process of integration into your company structure, making your subrogation efforts a priority for us
Praxis also understands that to be successful in subrogation outsourcing, certain core elements are required. We work hard to ensure a frictionless transition process and transparent ongoing execution, and team with our clients to have a shared understanding and pursuit of goals displayed, improvements on cost, best practices and yield.
Experience the Benefits
Working with Praxis also offers a number of security, operational and peace of mind benefits and outcomes. Your company can focus on your core competencies while we focus on ours, all resulting in a more profitable and efficient process.


  • Secure web portal
  • Pulse© - proprietary claims system
  • Client dashboards
  • Up-to-date analytics


  • Increased recovery yield
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Automation of labor intensive processes
  • Leverage scalability
  • Variable cost structure vs. fixed costs
  • Greater flexibility during times of catastrophic events, business growth, and budget constraints
  • Enhance emphasis on core competencies

Peace of Mind

  • Certified, designated professionals proficient in general liability
  • Customized efficiencies and reporting
  • Expanded expertise with shared market intelligence and a vast repository of proprietary data
  • Improve experience for your customers
  • Deliver shareholder dividends
Industry Partners
Praxis has built a name for itself by providing highly successful subrogation services in the Property & Casualty Insurance arena. Praxis operates throughout the U.S., servicing a wide variety of insurance companies, in addition to reinsurers, self-insured companies, TPAs and state and governmental entities. The following associations are integral to the Praxis process.